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Customer Testimonials


Jasko, Youtuber and Paranormal Investigator

"Oh my god, Amazing!"


Nate (Stocky Papi), Co-Owner Splash Infused

"Better than Fiji"


Everyone at Zoey's birthday party 

"The label is so cool, and it tastes better than it looks!"


Vinny Pomerico, lead singer Alpha Male Gorillas

"I thought it was good. Oddly enough, I don't pay all that much attention to water's taste... I only know it when it's bad, and yours wasn't :)"


Chaney Lhin, International exports, Tibet China

"Infinite blessings from Lhasa, Tibet, China"

"I can't believe it's been a month since Mazzstock has passed, and many many thanks are still in order to all of the great people who attended and helped put on the event this year. Our old friend Brian donated to the cause this year in the form of hundreds of bottles from his new company: I.O.I. 
I personally reached for this bottle in particular every time I was in the hospitality tent this year, and it really was great and refreshing. Thank you Brian! Keep an eye out for your it on store shelves very soon."

-Mazzstock Music Festival 2023

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